Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blood Sky

 Friends in Sedona sent a very unusual photo taken from their deck-I did this painting from the photo;I also ask around what created this unusual sky-I got a variety of opinions until the answer came from a friend in a workshop at the Scottsdale Artists School. He said it was a Linticqlar and if he flew his plane into it, there were be a disaster. It could tear a plane apart. And yes,
the red was really that intense

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Twilight in Arizona

Here is a new painting of the sunsets in Arizona. A friend in Prescott sent me this photo she took off her deck. I did an 8x10"small panel to work out the composition and color. Now I am asking friends if they any shots of the sky in Arizona.Of course the sunsets just last for seconds so I need to work from the photos.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Moving to Arizona created a new vision for my painting. Gone were the city scenes that I loved to paint. But as I see it, nothing ever stays the same. It is taken awhile to find my voice, but I am struck by the color in the Southwest, especially the sunsets. My new painting is all about the sunset. This painting is a combination of photographs. A friend  showed me a great photo of a sunset he took where we live. We can see Camelback mountain from our balcony, so I combined that with his photo. I could see the lights on the mountain after dark(there are homes there). I will paint more sunsets so I can capture the color of our new home.