Friday, October 2, 2015


I am posting the 5th painting of Nutterville. This is a painting of the business office of the iconic neighborhood. I am through with this project for now.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


I am pulled back to Kansas City and cityscapes as I have a special relationship to the history of the region and mid-century structures. One of my favorite areas is Nutterville, a neighborhood in Westport in the heart of Kansas City. James Nutter developed the area, using thirties style bungalows to lease and sell to small businesses.He turned the area into "painted ladies", a style in which traditional architectural dwellings are painted multiple colors. He completed the neighborhood with plush landscaping which creates a setting for the beautiful structures. The plantings are seasonal and creates  a showplace of color.When I lived in the area I always drove visitors through the area and many were stunned when I turned
 the corner to Nuterville.
I spent the summer painting the painted ladies. Not easy and I really respect the painter who spent much time creating these wonderful works of art. I am working on a fifth one and will post that-but for now this is my attempt  capturing the spirit of Nutterville

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Do I ever learn enough? The Answer is no and that is why you could find me at the Scottsdale Artists School this week. Matt Smith gave a three day workshop on landscapes. We did not do Plein air, but worked from photos that we brought. I learned a lot and now the trick is to absorb what I learned.
This is a painting from a photo I took last year at the Salt River. I had painted there in a class taught by Curt Walters years ago and was surprised at the change of the area. I was hard put to find a spot to take a photo and did this shot at the last as I didn't want to come home with nothing. Over time I found I was drawn to this image and wanted to paint it-perfect for the class. Matt gave me a lot of advice after I has about done- he made corrections on the piece and I think it really came together. I would never sign this as my work,but plan to do a larger one. I am so grateful to the training I have received from the school and hopefully will take another class this fall. Painting is a solitary business and I really enjoy the camaraderie.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


More of the Southwest. This painting is from a photo taken during the Christmas vacation- We drove to Sedona. I had been working to brighten my paintings and this was the result.Hopefully it gives the flavor of the rocks.

Friday, March 13, 2015


This is a painting I have just finished and sent to our nephew's family in Lawrence, Kansas. I have never painted a horse before and you ask why now? This is painted from a photograph taken of Molly by her brother three months before her stroke. At 17, there was no way to tell what lay before her.
We can never know the future, but when I saw this image the first time I was moved by her determination to confront life. She has a beautiful spirit, and she improves daily. We love Molly and what she teaches us, to embrace life.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sad Story

I am painting more animals, mainly dogs. My friend in Kansas City is interested in a painting of Teddy and her at You Say Tomatoes Deli in Kansas City. I shot this picture through the window and have always like the feeling between human and animal. As I have finished the work, I am told Teddy is blind and deaf. They used to walk the few blocks to the Deli and now he is not able to do that. Teddy is 15 years old, and sure that his time is limited. The painting will be a sweet remembrance of times past.