Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The National Weather Center Biennale
I returned from a great weekend in Norman at the National Weather Center Biennale opening. The art was diverse and with the theme of weather, provoked the viewer to appreciate the visual beauty of our planet and the drama of weather  changes in the environment. The juried show was stunning in the atrium of the National Weather Service. I entered Rainy Night, Kansas City and was pleased at the placement of the piece. The text was mixed up with a statement I made for another piece (this painting is not of the Plaza) but the theme fit both pieces so not much of a problem. The catalog is available at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum in Norman, Oklahoma. There are 100 pieces in the show.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Evening Stroll

This is going to get a "paintover" decided I hate this painting;large panel-I will use it for something else-the sky is really flat.Oh, Well!

Block in for Evening Stroll

small study for Evening Stroll

Evening Stroll

It has  been a while since I posted! Did a painting that did not work out and I worked and worked trying to fix it-I should just have moved on. My recent painting, Evening Stroll is I think more successful. Another Plaza scene in the rain. I was drawn to the asymmetry of the composition.
A note about the process. While I have done extensive plein air painting, I now work from photographs that I take-I usually have a camera with me. I think everyone needs experience in working in the landscape-an experienced plein air painter can make adjustments to photographs. Photos tend to flatten the scene and exaggerate contrast. I just have no desire to stand on a street corner and paint. Light can change in seconds, so I prefer to take a photo of the scene and make something that works-I also tend to paint out of my windows-but even that I usually take a photo for information.
I sometimes use a graph to quickly lay it in-why? Because it is very fast. I can block in the composition is half an hour-do I use this as a crutch? No-I have already have studied the photo and pared in down to what I think will work; the trick is to move on from the photo-but that is true in working outdoors-the important thing-have a passion for what a painter does-I have that passion with cityscapes. I did an 8"x10" study before I did a much larger painting, 20"x24". Again this is another aid that lets me plan my composition. Now I will put this painting way for awhile and then bring it out and see if there are corrections that need to be made.