Sunday, September 27, 2015


I am pulled back to Kansas City and cityscapes as I have a special relationship to the history of the region and mid-century structures. One of my favorite areas is Nutterville, a neighborhood in Westport in the heart of Kansas City. James Nutter developed the area, using thirties style bungalows to lease and sell to small businesses.He turned the area into "painted ladies", a style in which traditional architectural dwellings are painted multiple colors. He completed the neighborhood with plush landscaping which creates a setting for the beautiful structures. The plantings are seasonal and creates  a showplace of color.When I lived in the area I always drove visitors through the area and many were stunned when I turned
 the corner to Nuterville.
I spent the summer painting the painted ladies. Not easy and I really respect the painter who spent much time creating these wonderful works of art. I am working on a fifth one and will post that-but for now this is my attempt  capturing the spirit of Nutterville