Sunday, June 10, 2012

Outward Bound

Often, I am asked  if my paintings are done plein air. While I have  painted at various times in the past in plein air, (Arizona, Savannah, Europe, and locally) I now have little interest in working in the environment. Most of my paintings are done from photos that I take. After moving to a urban area, I have a passion to record what I experience, with the scene often lasting a few seconds. My process? Record the image, download to my computer and then start adjusting the composition-I am constantly trying to move beyond my photo-Outward bound is an example-I started with the red car-decided yellow would be better, and adjusted the color of Union Station. After developing the painting, I decided to add the two figures between the cars-I think this improves the composition. I am satisfied? I am never completely satisfied. I don’t think painting is easy and am constantly working to improve. If it were easy, I would be bored.